Donald Trump Calls Stephen Colbert A “No-Talent Guy” With A “Filthy” Mouth


Stephen Colbert is a “no-talent guy” who says “nothing funny” and what he says is “filthy,” President Donald Trump told Time magazine in an interview published Thursday – and sure to be addressed by Colbert on Thursday night’s show.

Colbert’s Late Show was “dying” and on the verge of being canceled by CBS until Colbert hit on the idea of doing steady-stream attacks on POTUS “and “and he started doing better,” the President of the United States explained to Time reporters over dinner.

The “filthy” gag is presumed to be a reference to Colbert’s monologue last week in which he made an oral-sex joke about Trump and Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. Colbert opened his Monday show last week with a string of insults directed at Trump, as payback for the insults Trump had tossed at CBS News’ John Dickerson during a televised interview that morning.

In this week’s Time chat, Trump noted he’s appeared on Colbert’s CBS show (once), claiming “it was very highly rated … it was the highest rating he’s ever done.”

(Trump’s appearance remains the second most watched episode of Late Show with Stephen Colbert, with 4.6 million viewers. The biggest crowd, 6.6M viewers, came the night Colbert debuted as host of  Late Show, taking over for David Letterman. That night’s guest? Jeb!)

Colbert’s show “builds up my base,” Trump boasted in the interview. “It only helps me, people like him.”

In other “news” from the interview, Trump — who, as we all know, is a big fan of television — referred to TiVo as “one of the great inventions of all time.” Whether he meant the DVR or TiVo in particular was not clear.

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