Deadline’s TV Talk Podcast Episode #4: Donald Trump TV, Emmy Comedy Contenders & Chuck Lorre

By Dominic Patten, Pete Hammond

TV Talk Podcast Deadline

Despite Donald Trump’s claims, Celebrity Apprentice was never the top show on TV. But as this week of sudden FBI director firings, tricky Russian meetings and investigations, and finger-pointing shows us, the Trump presidency just might be the most compelling thing currently on the small screen.

In this week’s TV Talk podcast, as we discuss what shows should be in the running for Best Comedy at this year’s Emmys, we also talk about the unprecedented real-life POTUS and whether fictional Commander-in-Chiefs are dramatic enough to compete. And should a 2020 rival launch a TV series of their own to take on Trump?

In that context, we talk about how HBO’s Veep is still in top form, House Of Cards is coming back on May 30 on Netflix for a fifth season, and how newbie Designated Survivor has a different sort of outsider in the Oval Office. So, listen in and you’ll see what we mean about how the line between real life and fiction has been blurred maybe forever – like this HoC fake-news ad makes clear:

Norman Lear

We also chat with Issa Rae from HBO’s Insecure and Norman Lear and Rita Moreno from the new version of One Day At A Time on Netflix. Both those conversations were recorded last month at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys.

As for the Emmy Best Comedy category, we decode who is in the mix and why FX’s Atlanta looks like the one to beat. We’re also pounding the drum for The Big Bang Theory and several other shows that have been overlooked far too long – and where our sympathies lie for Lear and Chuck Lorre (or not).

Listen here:

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