Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey To Stop Russia Investigation


President Donald Trump’s surprise sacking of FBI Director James Comey dominated late-night monologues Wednesday night.

“It’s been an historic day; we’ve reached a milestone as a nation,” Colbert told his Late Night viewers. It’s not just that the president fired the head of the FBI. We apparently have elected a president who truly does not care what anything looks like.

“Firing Jim Comey really feels like Authoritarianism 101. Which, BTW, a very difficult class; the professor is a total Nazi.

“The question is, why did Trump do it? Now, while it looks like Trump fired James Comey to stop the Russia investigation – that is why,” Colbert said. “I’m pretty confident, because one thing we’ve learned from the last two years of Donald Trump is that what it seems like he’s doing is exactly what he’s doing. There’s not a grand strategy, he’s not some puppet master, some wizard playing three dimensional chess. He’s playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.”

Comey found out he’d been sacked by seeing it on TV. “That’s certainly on-brand;  firing people on TV is Trump’s qualification for being president,” Colbert joked.

In the letter Trump sent to Comey’s office, he said this was not about Comey’s Russia investigation in the letter firing Comey for the Russia investigation which, Colbert said, “is like carving your alibi in the murder weapon.”

“This investigation is not going to go away quietly,” Colbert said, calling Comey’s firing unprecedented, with one exception, Colbert said, setting up all those clips of TV news pundits who already had made that observation.

One place that’s not buying it: the Nixon library, which tweeted that Nixon never fired the director of the FBI.

“You know who else was shocked” by the reax to the firing, Colbert asked rhetorically, answering, “Donald Trump who thought this would be a win-win.”

But, Trump knows all his critics will come around, tweeting, “when things calm down they will be thanking me.”

“How should we thank him?” Colbert asked. “We should get him something special. How about a special prosecutor?”

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