‘Nobodies’ Cast On How Feeling Ignored By The Oscars Led To TV Land Comedy – The Contenders Emmys Video


It was 2012 and they were all watching the Oscars and feeling very left out and alone. That experience led the creators-producers-stars of TV Land’s new industry-centric Nobodies to eventually come up with the concept for their comedy series. Stars Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras and Hugh Davidson along with showrunner Michael McDonald explained it all when they visited Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys event last month at the DGA theater.

Nobodies TV Land
TV Land

The group, all veterans of the famed comedy improv group The Groundlings, had grown up professionally in that circle in the same era as Melissa McCarthy, Annie Mumolo, Kristen Wiig, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash and Octavia Spencer among others. In that 2012 Oscar year, all of the latter performers were either nominated (McCarthy, and writers Wiig and Mumolo, for Bridesmaids) or won (Rash and Faxon as writers of The Descendants, and Spencer for The Help). Even though the Nobodies trio had never made movies, they still found themselves asking “WTF”?

Consider it inspiration enough to come up with the concept of three kid show writers trying to graduate to the big time with a primetime sitcom. McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone signed on as executive producers and occasionally even appear in the first season of the series, which already has been picked up for Season 2.

Check out above to to watch our very funny conversation.

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