‘You Me Her’ Cast And Creator On Why This Three-Way “Marriage” Actually Is A Good Idea – The Emmys Contenders Video


The sexual conundrum of a three-way relationship between a husband, wife and their mutual significant other came to light when You Me Her creator John Scott Shepherd and stars Greg Poehler, Priscilla Faia and Melanie Papalia visited Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys event last month at the DGA Theatre.

The series, now in its second season, explores the unique living situation of a married couple who welcome a graduate student into their life, sexually, emotionally and every other way. Shepherd describes how the show has evolved into one that not only explores this unusual “thruple”  (actress Rachel Blanchard plays the wife Emma) as he says, but also on the effect of it on the people around them, including newer character Nina (Papalia) who has a sisterly kind of relationship with Izzy (Faia).  Poehler, who plays Jack, talks about the difficulty of making a man likeable who cheats on his wife in the first ten minutes of episode one, and all the actors discuss the unique challenges in taking on what Shepherd says is really just a romantic comedy that just happens to involve three, instead of two people, hoping the audience with identify and ask the question, “what if this happened to me”?

The You Me Her panel was part of AT&T’s Audience Network presentation at the event held in front of a packed house of Television Academy members and voters.

To watch my conversation with this panel just click on the link above.

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