Stephen Colbert Questions ‘Late Show’ Crowd Cheering Donald Trump Fire Of FBI Chief James Comey

Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart visited Stephen Colbert on Late Night on Tuesday night as Colbert celebrated the 20th anniversary of his late-night career. The celebration got upstaged a bit when, shortly before the taping, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey as Comey was investigating whether Trump associates cozied up to Russians during the presidential election.

Colbert had addressed that development briefly in his monologue, and seemed somewhat surprised when his studio audience applauded and cheered upon hearing the news. So much so, he addressed, while chatting with Stewart.

“You know James Comey was fired by Trump tonight?” Colbert asked Stewart.

“What?!” Stewart joked.

Colbert pivoted and addressed his studio crowd.

“I’ve got a question: You all cheered….Why? Is it because of what [Comey] did to Hillary?”

“Correct,” the audience indicated with applause, etc.

“But you know [Comey] was investigating Trump’s campaign ties to Russia?  Which will now evaporate like cotton candy in the ocean,” Colbert explained patiently.

Studio audience reax changed from applause to boos.

Stewart, generously speculated the audience in the theater “just didn’t know how to feel” during the monologue adding, “it was interesting to watch.”

Then the two men began to discuss how doing late-night shows with a political bent is another form or “shouting into the abyss” [Stewart] and “shouting into an Altoid tin and throwing it off an overpass [Colbert].

Stewart, a long-time champion of animal rights who now runs a rescue farm, noted that on late night TV “there is a response and affirmation you don’t necessarily get among sheep and goats” – though the Late Show monologue reax may have suggested otherwise.

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