Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey For Botching Hillary Clinton Probe

Comedy Central

“Trump fired the FBI director,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah informed his studio audience Tuesday night.
“You can’t just fire the FBI director,” Noah insisted. “If he’s gone, who is going to investigate Russia’s ties to – oh!”

You know, we said Trump was an African dictator. Right now, even Africans are watching this and going, ‘Yo, Donald Trump does not f*ck around.”

“This is a blockbuster!” Noah said. “It is still breaking, and tomorrow we will know much more. But, I just have to share with you the reason that Trump is giving for firing Comey…It is a master stroke.

He read from Trump’s statement citing the director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails.

“This is insane!” Noah marveled. “Do you understand the excuse Trump is giving?” he asked his studio audience, who, based on their reax, clearly did not.

“Trump is basically saying he is doing this because of what Comey did to Hillary,” the late-nigth host explained, calling it “the most gangsta excuse!”

Trump is basically saying,  ‘I’m doing this to clear my good friend Crooked Hillary, because James Comey clearly just wanted to lock her up, lock her up, lock her up, folks!”


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