Seth Meyers Skewers Donald Trump Claims On Obamacare Repeal And Replace

Seth Meyers

Hours after President Donald Trump and House Republicans celebrated passage of the Trumpcare bill, NBC’s Late Night star Seth Meyer savaged the plan to “strip health insurance away from millions people before most Americans, and even many members of Congress, knew what was in the bill.”

In the run up to the vote, Trump had been honing his skills at making absurd promises about his deal making skills that had no basis in reality. Among Trump’s recent “naive, over-confident and detached from reality” claims, Meyer cited Trump’s statement the Palestinian-Israel conflict is “something frankly maybe not as difficult as people thought over the years.”

The late-night star said he’s not sure Trump actually understands that he and House Republicans now own the negative consequences of Trumpcare as it passed that chamber.

To that point, Meyer joined in the late-night mocking of Trump’s 100 Day Interview with CBS News’ John Dickerson this week, showing the moment when Dickerson made a you-own-it point with an Oval Office metaphor made by George W. Bush. It went over Trump’s head.

“The metaphor he did not get was from George W. Bush – that’s where we’re at,” Meyer marveled. “One thing George W. never thought he’d do is go over someone’s head.”

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