Chuck Lorre Taunts Donald Trump Over ‘Apprentice’ TV Ratings Loss To ‘2.5 Men’

Photo by Art Streiber

Donald Trump has been a frequent target in Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards this season. After trying different approaches, tonight The Big Bang creator and Mom co-creator decided to hit the President where it would hurt the most — TV ratings. Trump has been fixated on ratings, frequently boasting about big numbers he had gotten for The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice, for his TV interviews and the presidential debates and other events he had appeared in while taking shots at his Celebrity Apprentice successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for the show’s recent soft ratings. But tonight, Lorre dug up a Monday ratings night grid from March 2006, which shows Lorre’s comedy series Two and a Half Men beating soundly Trump’s The Apprentice, 5.7 rating vs. 3.8 among adults 18-49 head-to-head from 9-9:30 PM.

The chart ran with a caption, “Defeat terrorism and crazy dictators? He couldn’t even defeat Two and a Half Men.”

This is the latest in about a half-dozen Trump-related vanity cards Lorre has posted this season. That included his impassioned plea to voters on the eve of the November election that started with “Don’t be fooled. Big Daddy can’t save us.” It was followed by the succinct “Uh-oh” a week later, on the heels of Trump’s shock victory over Hillary Clinton. And in January, he published an open letter to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, urging him to hack Trump.

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