Trumpcare Passes House By Razor-Thin Margin; White House Victory Lap Follows

Capitol Hill

UPDATED with President Trump’s Rose Garden Victory Lap remarks: Trumpcare now is officially a thing, with the House passing its Obamacare repeal plan, 217 to 213. The razor-thin win already is being heralded as a major, if short-term, victory for President Donald Trump, coming six weeks after the House had to pull a previous iteration, for lack of the needed 216 votes.

After the vote, GOP congressmen seen on TV news cameras scurrying out of the building to head to the White House Rose Garden Victory Lap were greeted by a large-ish crowd chanting “Shame, Shame, Shame!”

The vote triggered a rare Twitter Worldwide Hat-Trick: “#AHCA” (GOP’s name for Trumpcare), “House Republicans,” and “Trumpcare,” all are trending after the vote. As word of the vote got around, “#AHCA,” “#Obamacare,” “House Republicans,” “Trumpcare,” and “The GOP” were trending worldwide.

Celebrating his first legislative victory in the Rose Garden, an over-the-moon Trump said, “I even want to thank The Media.”

Trump said he was “confident” Trumpcare would pass in the Senate, calling it “a great plan that will get even better,” adding dramatically: “This is repeal and replace Obamacare. Make no mistake about it.”

Behind him stood a chorus of Republicans who’d worked to get the bill through the House, including House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump said he wanted to thank him for working “so hard” while noting last week he was hearing “Paul Ryan doesn’t have it; it’s not working with Paul Ryan” and reports he would get rid of Ryan. “Then today, I heard he’s a genius!”

While crediting the “amazing group” at his rear, Trump marveled at his ability to get this passed, what with his “coming from a different world and only being a politician for a short period of time.”

“How am I doing?” Trump asked the garden gathering. “Hey, I’m President! Do you believe it?! I don’t know; I thought you needed more time, they told me. But we didn’t.”

NBC News’ Chuck Todd suggested the Rose Garden Victory Lap might be a skosh premature:

Before Trump could begin that Rose Garden celebration, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to TV cameras to blast the vote as “one of the biggest transfers of wealth in our country” owing to the plan’s tax break to the richest people in the country and corporate America.

Those who voted for the Trumpcare bill, she said, “walked the plank for a bill that will not become law. I guess their desire to give tax break for the rich ‘Trumped’ everything.” Earlier, she had warned House Republicans: ” You will have this bill tattooed on your forehead.”

And, as TV cameras watched Republican applause erupt in the chamber when voting hit the 216 needed to move forward, some members of Congress were heard singing:

“Na na na na,

Na na na na,

Hey hey, goodbye.”

Those were the Dems, Axios reported.

As it became clear the vote would happen today, some in Hollywood had weighed in:


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