Kelly War Officially Declared: NBC Confirms Megyn’s 9 AM Slot Same Day Ripa Unveils New Co-Host


Kelly War officially was declared today. NBC News has decided to confirm that Megyn Kelly is getting Today’s 9 AM time slot in the fall.

Not coincidentally, NBC News confirmed this long-speculated information shortly after Kelly Ripa, star of ABC’s Live with Kelly! that airs at 9 AM in most markets, unveiled her new co-host: Ryan Seacrest.

NBC News’ decision to confirm this long-reported time slot today suggests it will let no Ripa news go unmatched with a headline of its own, speaking to the importance of the slot to the networks.

NBC News is saving – no doubt to confirm on a future Ripa headline day –  whether Kelly’s new show will be part of the Today franchise, or stand alone, bookended by Today‘s 7-9 AM Matt Lauer/Savannah Guthrie-hosted mothership program and Today‘s 10 AM Happy Hour With Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

NBC’s 9 AM hour, currently part of the Today family, previously was hosted by Billy Bush, who got the hook when that old Access Hollywood hot-mic tape went viral, in which Donald Trump boasted to Bush about his ability to assault women with impunity.

Kelly’s 9 AM NBC program won’t debut until the fall, but her Sunday newsmag for NBC News is debuting in June, battling CBS’ 60 Minutes. So expect to see her make a splashy appearance at NBC’s Upfront Week presentation this month – though NBC News won’t confirm that either.

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