Screenvision Media Picks Up 11 Theater Chains With 345 Screens

Screenvision Media

Cinema ad sales company Screenvision says today that it has signed 11 exhibitors bringing 41 theaters with 345 screens into the fold.

The venues are in 23 communities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Cleveland.

The deals include a 25 year agreement with New Vision Theatres, the new chain that industry vet Bud Mayo created from venues owned by AMC Entertainment and Carmike before they merged.

Screenvision Media CEO John Partilla says that the additions will take advantage of “our data-driven, technical Connected Cinema experience and new Screenvision Select Preshow.” That will “help bolster our appeal to advertisers.”

The company adds that over the last 16 months it has added 493 net screens with more than 15 million incremental annual admissions.

Mayo says that he has “worked with Screenvision Media in the past” and is “impressed by the value they bring to the table.”

Screenvision, which competes with National CineMedia for theaters, reaches 94% of the country with more than 150 circuits. They have more than 14,600 screens in 2,300 locations.

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