Seth Meyers gave President Donald Trump’s first 100 days another “Closer Look” last night, and the upshot is unavoidable: “It’s like a law of physics,” the NBC Late Night host said. “For every Trump action there is an equal and opposite Trump clip.”

Thus begins a clip-fest of Trump then & now, his past statements certainly making a strong case for Meyers’ new law of physics. Executive orders, said Trump when Barack Obama was signing them, are “a disaster. He doesn’t want to work too hard, he wants to go back and play golf.”

There are more observations along those lines – watch the clip above – before Meyers turns his attention to Ivanka Trump’s rough German interview and Rush Limbaugh’s heartbroken realization that Trump won’t get a “measly” million bucks for The Wall.

Best line of the bit, though, comes from Trump himself. In one of the old clips, then-candidate Trump rants about Obama’s executive orders, providing one of the stranger analogies you’re likely to hear this week. Obama made executive orders “because he couldn’t get anyone to agree to them, he starts signing them like they’re butter.”

Hear for yourself above.