James Corden As A Woman: “I Should Be Hosting A Morning Show On Fox News”

Late Late Show‘s James Corden will make a decent looking old guy, even if he does resemble “a Republican senator trying to take away your health care.” The CBS host and Carpool Karaoke driver last night gave a test spin on a new app that transforms headshot photos with aging, aging in reverse and gender switch.

Watch the clip above to see Corden’s morphings, but here’s a few quick takes by the man himself: As a digitized youth, Corden looks like “a combination of the bully and the nerd in an ’80s teen movie.” Older, Corden could be the heartless senator but still get the nursing home ladies to line up for his early bird special.

And finally, as a woman: He could either be “on tour with the Dixie Chicks” or “like I should host a morning show on Fox News.”

See for yourself in the clip above.

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