NPR’s Robert Siegel To Step Down As Host Of ‘All Things Considered’

National Public Radio

NPR’s Robert Siegel is turning in his mic. The longtime host of All Things Considered is stepping down from that role in January 2018, NPR said today.

“This is a decision long in the making and not an easy one. I’ve had the greatest job I can think of, working with the finest colleagues anyone could ask for, for as long a stretch as I could imagine,” said Siegel in an NPR statement. “But, looking ahead to my seventies (which start all too soon) I feel that it is time for me to begin a new phase of life. Over the next few months, I hope to figure out what that will be.”

Siegel joined NPR more than 40 years ago, as a newscaster. He later moved into an editor role, opened NPR’s London bureau, and then as chief of NPR News ran the newsroom. He took over All Things Considered in 1987.

Over his career he covered some of the world’s biggest news events, including the massive 2008 China earthquake, the Monica Lewinsky scandal (he and Mara Liasson just happened to be interviewing President Clinton when the scandal broke), and the September 11 attacks.

NPR says it is conducting a national search for Siegel’s ATC successor.

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