Tucker Carlson Books Caitlyn Jenner For First Night In Bill O’Reilly’s Timeslot

Tucker Carlson
Fox News

Tucker Carlson guaranteed himself big ratings and lots of headlines when his show moves to Bill O’Reilly’s timeslot on Fox News Channel, announcing Friday he’s booked former Olympic Gold Medalist and author Caitlyn Jenner for Monday’s program.

Jenner has said she is a Republican and voted for Trump. Topics will include Jenner’s perspective on President

Donald Trump’s administration, the current political climate and divide in America, as well as her thoughts on how to bring Americans together, FNC said in the announcement.

On the other hand, when Carlson had Jillian Weiss, a transgender woman who is a lawyer, on his show in February, media thought it was going to be a segment to discuss the Trump administration’s whacking of an Obama directive directing that trans students could use the bathroom of their gender identity in public schools.

But Carlson also challenged Weiss to explain to him “if I were to decide tomorrow if I were a 47-year-old woman, should I be allowed to go shower and women’s locker room?” He also suggested trans people were “faking” gender identities to access the $11B he said the federal government spent annually “on sex specific programs.”

Carlson has an interest in making sure his interview with Jenner is a humdinger; on Wednesday, Fox News cut The O’Reilly Factor from its slate and ended its on-air relationship with Bill O’Reilly, giving the coveted 8 PM hour to Tucker. Tucker previously took over Megyn Kelly’s 9 PM timeslot when she exited to take a job offer at NBC News; in that slot he built on Kelly’s numbers.

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