Political Pundits Discover They’re Actors In Donald Trump’s ‘Presidential Apprentice’ As 100 Days Nears


TV news political pundits finally are starting to figure out they are characters in The Presidential Apprentice and that Donald Trump was once, and is still, a reality TV star.

Discussing the 100-Day milestone that Trump’s administration will hit next Saturday, political sages mulled his wild race to get health care and tax reform accomplished before the day arrives, all the while scoffing at the 100-day deadline.

On Friday, Trump tweeted that the media will “kill” him no matter how much he accomplishes “during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days.”

This afternoon, CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger had a Eureka Moment:

“When we’re talking about the first 100 days and Donald Trump talking about it being a big success, it brings me back to thinking about when he was on The Apprentice and the ratings were dropping and dropping. … He’d call people in the ratings division” of NBC and figure out for what 10 minutes of his reality competition series rated No. 1, “and then be able to say, ‘We were No. 1’,” she told Wolf Blitzer and gang.

“Or, even if they weren’t, he would still say ‘We’re No. 1,'” she noted.

“This is what he is doing with the 100 days,” Borger concluded. “It almost doesn’t matter to him. He feels the need to say, ‘I’m the best; we’ve had the best 100 days ever.’ And he will find some yardstick by which he can say that, and then they can go out and talk about it.”

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