Consumers’ Average Movie Ticket Outlays Hit New High In Q1

A barrage of 3D and large screen movie releases, as well as several adult-skewing titles, lifted the average consumer outlay for a movie ticket to a new high of $8.84 in Q1, the National Association of Theatre Owners says today.

The average payment was up 3.0% vs last year’s Q1, and +0.6% vs the last three months of 2016.

Although the price is high, NATO notes that the average ticket price in 1977 of $2.23 would equal $9.26 if adjusted for inflation.

Consumers paid premium prices to see movies including Rogue One, Beauty and the Beast, Lego Batman, and Kong: Skull Island that were popular in 3D and large screen venues.

Outlays also tend to be high in periods with a lot of adult skewing titles; kids’ movies often lower the average because many go to discounted matinees.

In Q1 more than a quarter of box office sales went to R-rated films including Logan, Fifty Shades Darker, John Wick, and Get Out as well as adult-targeting titles such as La La Land and Hidden Figures.

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