Stephen Colbert Still Reeling From Loss Of Bill O’Reilly


UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert wasn’t about to let go of the Bill O’Reilly Booted story on Thursday’s Late Show.

“I need a little something to hold me together,” Colbert began. “I’m still reeling from the loss of Bill O’Reilly.”

By “reeling” Colbert meant doing a happy dance.

Stopping for breath, Colbert announced: “I’d like to stop now and welcome any orphan O’Reilly viewers to our show tonight. I know this is a confusing time for you. You’ve been through a lot. Not as much as women who have worked for Bill, but still, a whole lot. It’s hard to believe he’s leaving.”

Wondering what will be O’Reilly’s next move, Colbert referred to the former FNC show host’s 1998 novel, “Those Who Trespass,” which O’Reilly dedicated to “the women in my life”  – “or, as they’re affectionately known, the plaintiffs,” Colbert said.

The main character in the novel is a brash TV journalist who gets fired from his network news job.

Colbert read:

“His career was the source of his feelings of omnipotence and grandiosity. His TV job gave him daily ego gratification and excitement…and when it was taken away from him, he had to find a substitute drug…planning and carrying out the executions of those people who had humiliated him.”

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