Kevin James On The Joys Of TV Over Film With ‘Kevin Can Wait’ – Emmys

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After becoming a $2.4 billion-grossing movie star at the global box office, Kevin James is enjoying his return to primetime broadcast television.

One of the upsides in playing comedy on TV over film: The immediate feedback from a live studio audience.

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“Movies you screen and test it,” James told Deadline’s Senior Editor Dominic Patten at Wednesday’s Awardsline screening for Sony TV’s Kevin Can Wait which airs on CBS, “but it’s like a two-year process.”

“To do this each week and changing lines, and each showing we’re trying to make it better and better,” explained the stand-up comedian turned TV star who was nominated for a 2006 outstanding comedy lead actor Emmy for his previous CBS sitcom King of Queens which ran for 207 episodes across nine seasons.

“The movie comes out and it’s done. I always think, I could have done this better or that better, but in doing the show, if you don’t hit a 10, you have another play next week,” said James.

Kevin Can Wait follows a retired police officer played by James who is getting use to acclimating himself to domestic life with his wife (Erinn Hayes) and three kids.

Also in attendance at last night’s full house for Kevin Can Wait was co-star Erinn Hayes, EP Rob Long and EP/director Andy Fickman.

In addition, James talks about why he produces and shoots his show out of his hometown on Long Island.

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