David Mamet Teaches Master Class On Writing For Stage & Screen

David Mamet

How many times have we seen movies that basically copied Alec Baldwin’s “always be closing” speech in Glengarry Glen Ross or some other testosterone-doused dialogue from David Mamet? Now, those who have been borrowing from the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright can spend $90 to soak up lessons directly from the master. Mamet has filmed his first online MasterClass tutorial on writing for the theater and the screen (see the trailer above). He instills the hard-won wisdom gained from writing over 30 plays, 15 books and such films as The Verdict, Hoffa, The Edge and Wag The Dog.

New Line

Says Mamet: “We all slow down with age. When successful artists begin to slow down they, many times, turn to philosophizing about their art. This is enjoyable, as the artist can delude himself into thinking his musings have worth beyond any potential entertainment value. I firmly believe in the things I propound on MasterClass. I hope you will find my presentation diverting; you may even conclude, at some point, that the things I say are both true and useful. More likely, if they divert you, you may, some day, remember my class with affection, and, having had your own career, opine, as will then be your right, that I was good-hearted but misguided.”

The downside: these classes aren’t interactive, so you can’t raise your hand and ask questions, but many wannabe writers might be too f*cking intimidated to do that anyway.

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