Morgan Spurlock’s Next Documentary Targets Brain Matters

Mark Mann

EXCLUSIVE: Super Size Me helmer Morgan Spurlock has set his next documentary feature. Spurlock — whose Warrior Poets produced the No Man’s Land that premieres tonight at Tribeca — will next direct what he’s calling the Untitled Human Intelligence Project.

Spurlock will focus on the ever increasing innovations in brain technology that are bringing closer sci-fi concepts from the elimination of depression without a pill to the ability to instantly learn a foreign language or communicate with loved ones telepathically. Spurlock will spend a year following the pioneers working to unlock the human brain, tracking clinical breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience, exploring the underlying mechanisms that enable the reading and writing of neural code. And debating the societal and ethical implications of these emerging technologies, even as they help restore motor function in paralyzed patients, and end brain-ravaging diseases Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Spurlock will produce with Jeremy Chilnick & Taryn Southern in a co-production between Warrior Poets and Futurism Studios. Luca Del Puppo will be his DP. He Chilnick continue writing for Spurlock to direct the untitled feature about the late Hollywood superagent Sue Mengers, based on the Brian Kellow bio Can I Go Now.

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