Bill Maher To Dems: Ignore Kale Eaters, Run Charismatic “Lyndon Johnson-y” “Bastard” Against Donald Trump In 2020

Rick Perry in charge of the nukes is President Donald Trump’s most troubling cabinet appointment, Bill Maher said in his State of the Union Interview, released this morning by ATTN: and HBO in promotion of Maher’s Real Time.

Trump voters will come out of the ether when their jobs don’t come back and they lose their health care, HBO’s Real Time host told ATTN:’s Editor in Chief Matthew Segal in the far-reaching interview that looked at Donald Trump’s first nearly-100 days. At that point the people who voted for Trump because they think he is a bull in a china shop “are going to find out the china is them,” he forecast.

Among Maher’s other SOTU observations ad suggestions:

  • White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: “Not going to hurt anybody. Wow, what a job! That poor f*cker…”
  • Taking Away Trump’s Twitter account: “We talk about him like he’s a 5-year-old – because he is a 5-year-old.”
  • Mike Pence would not be worse: “One thing that bugs me a lot is when liberals say Mike Pence would be worse. No he wouldn’t. We’ve seen this type before. He’s similar to Bush, a typical hypocritical Jesus-freak Republican politician.
  • Attacking Syrian airfield: “No matter what you thought of it, the Man Baby was watching the magic picture box and had an epiphany because he saw something sad. And policy changed 180.”
  • Trump Is Fox News’ POTUS: “When Republicans want to reach Trump they go on TV. That’s his morning briefing. ‘F*ck the CIA – I’m getting my shit from Steve Doocy!’”
  • Future of Democratic Party: “There’s liberals, and then there’s the kale eaters – they’re the ones dragging the party down. A kale eater is someone who believes that The Vagina Monologues should not be performed because it’s insufficiently sensitive to the .03% of women who do not have a vagina.”
  • Who should Dems run against Trump: “Someone charismatic. I think we learned from Trump and Hillary we’re past the point where the American people really care to delve into the issues. They elected a game-show host. They want to be led. They don’t know the issues. Just show you have a pair of balls – what they can’t stand is that namby-pamby shit.”
  • Michelle Obama’s Advice About Going High When They Go Low: “Yeah, f*ck that. When they go low, you go lower. [Dems] need some bastard – some mean, Lyndon Johnson-y ‘I’m gonna out-f*ck you on f*cking us’ [candidate].”
  • Trump goosing Real Time ratings. “No doubt he is good for business. Ironically, he’s making me richer.”

Last fall, ATTN: released an original animation on Donald Trump, narrated by Maher, an ATTN: investor, that garnered more than 15 million views. Meanwhile, HBO and ATTN: have joined forces on other original content to plug a number of HBO series, including the recent release of a video about Syrian children in promotion of the pay cabler’s original documentary Cries from Syria.

HBO Digital Media SVP Sabrina Calouri described ATTN: as a “unique and valuable platform that enables us to bring Bill Maher’s distinctive point of view to highly-engaged, millennial audiences.”

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