John Oliver & Geraldo Rivera Hurl Insults At Each Other Over Donald Trump

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver said we should expect more moves like last week’s MOAB drop in Afghanistan, because President Donald Trump “is a man who responds to praise and, yet again, he is being praised for this.” Specifically, Oliver cited Trump’s fave morning show, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, where video of the bombing was described as “what freedom looks like,” and on which Geraldo Rivera enthused that one of his favorite things over his 16 years at Fox News has been watching bombs drop “on bad guys. ”

“That’s a coincidence, because one of my favorite things in four seasons on this show is getting to look directly into the camera and say ‘F*ck you, Geraldo. I hope your mustache gets caught in a box fan’,” Oliver shot back.

Geraldo returned fire this morning, via Twitter:

The initial body count in the MOAB drop was put at 36 Islamic State fighters; on Saturday an Afghan official upped that to 94 dead in the blast that destroyed three underground tunnels used to move ISIS fighters, as well as weapons and ammunition.

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