Jimmy Kimmel Gains Access To Inside Of Sean Spicer’s Head During Hitler Defense

Associated Press

Sean Spicer really stepped in it” during Tuesday’s press briefing, Jimmy Kimmel noted on JKL, making an “absolutely incredible statement” about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in which “Sporty Spicer” said even someone as despicable as Adolf Hitler didn’t “sink to using chemical weapons.”

Kimmel had exclusive access to the inside of Spicer’s head during that briefing:

Associated Press

“Did I just defend Hitler? I think I did. Why did I do that?! Why even bring up the Holocaust? In Press Secretary School, the one rule was, ‘never defend Hitler.'”

He observed, “Sean Spicer might be the the only press secretary who needs a press secretary.” To that point, a few hours before Kimmel’s ABC late-night broadcast, Spicer already had begun his mea culpa tour across the TV news landscape, giving an extensive apology interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

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