Funny Or Die Updates United Airlines’ “Orchestra” Marketing Video To Include Passenger Ejection

Funny or Die has helpfully updated United Airlines’ famous “Orchestra” marketing video to illustrate the company’s policy on “re-accommodating” paying customers seated on its planes, should it decide instead to give those seats to employees.

In this update of United’s well-known video (watch it above and the original below), members of the orchestra are seated in some of the airplane seats — with enough room to play their instruments! — performing George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” which has been United’s commercial theme song for years.

As with the original video, Voiceover Guy assures viewers: “Every thought, every movement, carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. Performing together with a single ‘United’ purpose. That’s what makes the world’s leading airline flyer-friendly.”

Only, in this version, the performance is intercut with YouTube video recorded by passengers on Monday of airport authorities who had come on to the plane at United’s request to get the passenger out of his seat. They are seen dragging the bloodied man down the aisle amid horrified reactions from other passengers.

After which, Funny or Die’s suggested United Airlines tag update appears on screen:
“United: Yikes”

Here is United Airlines’ original “Orchestra” video:

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