‘SNL’s Alec Baldwin Trumps Trump With Bill O’Reilly; Pepsi Fizzles & Weekend Update Gives Jared Kushner Flak


Is it too much to suspect he’s been dreaming of this for a long, long while? Alec Baldwin skewered Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly on NBC’s Saturday Night Live last night, and he did it with Donald Trump’s help.

Playing both roles in a split-screen O’Reilly Factor interview parody, Baldwin had smarm, arrogance and pomposity oozing from both sides. A week after reports presented Fox’s Papa Bear as a serial sexual harasser willing to spend millions to settle with his accusers, SNL and Baldwin gave no quarter.

“A scandal no one thought I’d have the guts to address,” Baldwin’s O’Reilly said, then launched into some trumped up Obama scandal. And when a female Fox reporter didn’t show up as scheduled (“Did she get the check?” O’Reilly says to a producer sotto voce), another female correspondent steps in – from a pre-arranged 500 foot distance.

SNL even got in shots about the Factor‘s advertising exodus, as O’Reilly’s patrons were limited to barrel-bottom spots for dog cocaine, horse Cialis – and the movie Chips.

The sketch kicked into gear, though, with Bill and Don’s back-patting adventure.

Bill: “You even went as far as saying Bill O’Reilly did nothing wrong, and that based on…?

Don: “Hunch, just a loose hunch.”

Finally, O’Reilly signs off with a plug for his new book Old School: Life in the Sane Lane (real title). “It’s about great morals and values…and couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Watch the sketch above.

SNL stayed topical with a pre-taped bit about last week’s instantly reviled Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner in a very smiley Resistance protest, solving the country’s race and gender woes by offering Pepsi to a hunky cop.

In the location shoot, SNL‘s Beck Bennett played the writer-director of the Pepsi spot just as taping is set to begin. Confident and proud, the director phones friends to share his euphoria, and we see their reactions in his crestfallen and increasingly panicked face.

See for yourself:

And while we’re on the episode’s topical side, here’s a clip from Weekend Update, with anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che targeting Trump, O’Reilly, Merrick Garland and, best of all, Jared Kushner, who this week mingled with our military in Iraq dressed in blazer and flak jacket. “He’s dressed like Colin when he goes to buy weed from my guy without me,” snarked Che. And extra points to Update for working in a Three Stooges clip.

Here’s the segment:

The second half of Update was dominated by Kate McKinnon, playing that infamous art restorer who ruined Spain’s Ecce Homo fresco of Christ. Here she defends sculptor Emanuel Santos, who recently unveiled a hilariously bad bust of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. “Look at his eyes,” McKinnon says adoringly. “They love each otehr, they want to be together.”

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