Bill Maher Says Rick Santorum Lied On ‘Real Time’ – Again

HBO via YouTube

For the second time, Bill Maher called out Rick Santorum for what the Real Time host said were lies made during the Republican politico’s recent appearance on the HBO show.

“He lied,” Maher said of Santorum, who was a Real Time With Bill Maher guest last week. Maher then quoted Santorum from the March 31 show, repeating Santorum’s claim that “The EPA director under Obama said the Clean Power Initiative would have no effect on CO2 emissions.”

Santorum had said: “You can look it up.” Maher replied tonight: “We did.”

“Here’s what Gina McCarthy, the EPA director under Obama, said: ‘I’m not disagreeing that this action (the Clean Power Initiative) in and of itself will not make all the difference.’ Will not make all the difference in [Santorum’s] world becomes would have no effect.”

The fact-checking marks the second time Maher has called out Santorum post-visit. In September 2015, two weeks after the then-Republican presidential hopeful was a Real Time guest, Maher read a statement disputing Santorum’s previous on-air claim that 57 percent of climate scientists “don’t agree that 95 percent of climate change is caused by CO2.”

Said Maher then, “You could get your information from over 200 worldwide scientific bodies, but he gets it from a blogger and then misquotes them. Sorry, Rick, but you can’t come on my show and misrepresent the most important issue of our time.”

Well, yes he can, but not without getting fact-checked later.


Tonight, after correcting the record yet again, Maher said, “I don’t think Rick Santorum is lying on purpose. I think Rick Santorum’s sin is most Republicans’ sin – they live in a bubble. They only see sh*t on right wing blogs and websites and Fox News. This ‘alternative fact’ nonsense did not start with Trump, it started a long time ago at the Sexual Harassment Network.”

Republican commentator Ana Navara didn’t defend her CNN colleague, but stood up for her party. “Let’s not make this black and white, blue and red,” she said, insisting that some Republicans “do believe in climate change.”

Republicans seemed to have a rough time tonight even by Real Time standards. Ted Lieu, California Democratic congressman, called yesterday’s U.S. airstrikes in Syria “illegal” and suggested that President Donald Trump had reasons for going against Russia’s wishes: “If you are facing possible collusion with Putin, you might want to distract people.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler, tonight’s mid-show guest, had at least one nice thing to say about the current First Family: Ivanka Trump, she said, could do some good by replacing Steve Bannon. “I’d put her clothing line back in Nordstrom,” Handler said. “Well, maybe just the belts and shoes.” (Watch that exchange in the clip above).

Also on tonight’s Real Time were journalist Jelani Cobb and former CIA agent/presidential candidate Evan McMullin.


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