Stephen Colbert Surprised Donald Trump Needs Blackwater Founder To Cozy Up To Vladimir Putin


Stephen Colbert wondered on Late Show why Blackwater founder Erik Prince set up a secret meeting to establish a back channel between President Donald Trump  and Moscow in January, as is being reported by multiple news outlets.

“If Trump wants to communicate with Putin, just email the DNC – or maybe a little pillow talk with Michael Flynn,” Colbert advised.

Tackling previous day’s White House Press Briefing Show-and-Tell, in which Press Secretary Sean Spicer handed over President Trump’s 1Q salary to the National Park Service, Colbert wondered why Spicer, who was dwarfed by two National Park Service honchos in the photo op, seems to have shrunk, and noted it was “a nice change of pace to see Trump pay settlement money before the screwing.” To that point, Colbert noted the check, for $78,333, sounds like a large donation, but is actually 5/1000ths of one percent the $1.5B Trump is proposing to cut from the National Park Service budget.

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