‘Gotham’ Stars And EP Danny Cannon Give Sneak Peek At Bruce Wayne’s Arc, “How The Riddler Got His Name” — WonderCon

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Following another Warner Bros. Television presentation heralding the return of Lucifer in May, the stars of Gotham descended upon the Anaheim Convention Center’s Arena to talk all things Season 3, debuting a new teaser trailer and the first five minutes of an upcoming episode, “Mad City: How the Riddler Got His Name.”

A crime drama series developed by Bruno Heller—based on characters from DC Comics and the Batman franchise—the series follows Detective James Gordon’s (Ben Mackenzie) ascent to a position of power in Gotham in the years prior to Batman’s introduction, fending off various villainous types while becoming entangled in Gotham’s seedy underbelly.

Season 3 of the FOX series has set up plenty of mystery and intrigue as to the future of Gotham City, with Penguin absent, Nygma indulging his Riddler persona and anticipated revelations from the Court of Owls. With the recent casting of Game of Thrones actor Alexander Siddig as supervillain Ra’s Al Ghul—leader of the League of Shadows—there is plenty more in store as the series continues toward its season finale in June.

On hand to discuss the twists and turns of the series—which has yet to be picked up for a fourth season—were stars David Mazouz (“Bruce Wayne”), Camren Bicondova (“Selina Kyle”), Cory Michael Smith (“Edward Nygma”), Erin Richards (“Barbara Kean”), Jessica Lucas (“Tabitha Galavan”), Drew Powell (“Butch Gilzean”) and executive producer Danny Cannon. In this panel of villains, the series’ cast and creatives held their cards close to their chest, though Cannon did tease the upcoming presence of villains, old and new.

When selecting villains to appear in the series, the sky is the limit for Cannon—outside of those villains appearing in upcoming DC films. “If they’re not making a movie about them right then, we’re good,” he said. “But they are making movies.”

Given the title of the episode being previewed today, there was some focus on Smith’s Edward Nygma—on his actions following a climactic moment with Oswalt Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), and where his character is heading, as he evolves into the brutal and violent Riddler. “The great difficulty here is that Edward, his opportunity to be a good person and live a normal life is passed,” the actor shared. “He knows that his destiny is to wreak havoc. Now is the time.”

While Nyga is transforming into a supervillain who has seen numerous depictions onscreen, we shouldn’t necessarily expect to see the Riddler of Gotham in any colorful or elaborate duds any time soon. “He’s got some nice threads…I’m not going to be in a onesie, but yeah—theres a costume,” the actor joked.

Like Nygma, the young Bruce Wayne struggles with an identity crisis in Season 3, which—per Mazouz and Cannon—will lead to a climactic moment of decision as the season winds down. “Bruce will go through a major transformation in these last eight episodes of the season, and it will result in him making a decision that he’s been searching for, for a very long time. It will be the most important decision of his life,” the star said. “He is going to live out the reason he was created, and it will have very bad consequences for Bruce—catastrophic consequences. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s not going to be pretty.”

Another character that may be touched by darkness in future episodes is Selina Kyle, who—per Cannon—will be taught “the real dark arts.” And if comments on today’s panel are any indication, Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galivan may well be involved, having already formed their own “nexus of villainy.”

“I always love that concept of a female-only gang. I think that’s something we’re really going to explore,” Cannon hinted.

The Riddler’s signature symbol notwithstanding, another big question mark in episodes still to come pertains to the Court of Owls, with its ties to the Gordon family, and other affiliates yet to be revealed. “We’re heading towards, is there somebody else behind the Court of Owls? We’re still unraveling what the city of Gotham is, how the city was created, who’s in charge,” Cannon said. “Things will get a lot worse before they can get better in the city of Gotham.”

With the barrage of musical episodes for superhero series, will Gotham see a musical episode of its own? Don’t hold your breath. “If Gotham did a musical episode, The Sex Pistols would have to write the score—The Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed,” the EP joked. “They’re not around, so let’s just cherish the show as it is.”

Gotham returns with new episodes on Monday, April 24.

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