‘Lucifer’ EPs Talk Extended Season 3, Four Stand-Alone Episodes & Relocation To L.A. — WonderCon

Michael Courtney/Fox

Anaheim got a bit of a heat wave on Day 3 of WonderCon, as the stars and executive producers of FOX series Lucifer appeared for a Q&A, giving a sneak peak at the second half of Season 2, and a look at the first five minutes of the upcoming episode, “Candy Morningstar.”

From Jerry Bruckheimer Television, in association with Warner Bros. Television—based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg—the fantasy police procedural series follows the Devil incarnate, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), who leaves the boredom of Hell for beautiful Los Angeles, where he runs a nightclub. In his spare time, Lucifer becomes involved with the LAPD, working alongside Detective Chloe Decker on crime cases, and discovering that Decker may be immune to his powers.

Representing Lucifer in the Anaheim Arena were stars Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris and Kevin Alejandro, along with EPs Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. Not present as scheduled were stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German and D.B. Woodside, who were caught up in production in Vancouver, still taking time to appear in a video message for fans. “It’s ironic, isn’t it, that we’re doing a show about the Devil in Los Angeles, and we can’t actually bloody get there,” Ellis joked.

With a recent announcement that four of Lucifer‘s Season 2 episodes were being pushed to Season 3’s slate, the EPs discussed the move, which resulted in four upcoming stand-alone episodes, centering on different characters. “What happened was, we initially broke an 18-episode season, and towards the end of working on that season, we were told that we had 22 episodes, which is awesome, but a little bit of a trick,” Henderson said.

“We were worried that we were going to have to sort of pad our arc that we had so carefully, lovingly constructed, but they actually said instead, let’s do four stand-alone episodes that can go anywhere,” Modrovich chimed in. “At first we went, ‘What? We’re a serialized show—that’s bananas.’ But we’ve had so much fun thinking about shows that we love, like X-Files, and some of the stand-alone episodes were our favorites.”

Stressing that the stand-alone episodes would move the story along, and feel all of a piece, Henderson added, “They’re all different, and they’re all super weird, and we were sort of given permission to go a little crazy. I think they didn’t expect us to go as crazy as we did.”

“We’ve got an episode that’s much more sort of a romp; we’ve got an episode that’s a Twilight Zone-y kind of thing—like dark, and at times it almost feels like a play,” he continued.

“One has a little bit more music in it,” Modrovich teased.

But is a musical episode in Lucifer‘s future? “I’m telling you that is coming, and I call dibs,” she joked.

For her part, Lesley-Ann Brandt teased an upcoming episode titled “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith,” which will hone in on her demon character, Maze. “It was really cool—I was pregnant at the time, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to [kick some ass],” she said of the episode.

During the hour-long panel, the Lucifer EPs also touched on the series’ relocation from Vancouver to Los Angeles in Season 3, with recent news that the series is among 15 now benefiting from a California tax credit. “It’s very bittersweet. I was just there filming our last episode Friday, and it was my last day on set, and I cried like an idiot,” Modrovich confessed, citing her attachment to the Vancouver crew.

Henderson took a moment to thank the Vancouver crew, who “slayed” the task of making Vancouver appear like Los Angeles over the course of two seasons, expressing his gratitude for the tax credit, while describing what the relocation will mean for the Los Angeles-set show. “We’re incredibly excited to be back in LA. We’ll just be able to shoot every corner of Los Angeles,” the EP said. “I think it’s always been a character in the show, but you’ll feel it a little bit more, in a really exciting way.”

For those awaiting the return of the Devil, worry not: Lucifer returns in May, airing Mondays on FOX.

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