Rising Rivers, Torrential Rains & A Bug In Charlie Hunnam’s Ear: The Pains Of Making Amazon’s ‘Lost City Of Z’ – CinemaCon

Lorey Sebastian

The story about 1920s British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett, who disappeared while looking for an ancient city in the Amazon, “is a film that demands to be seen in the cinema,” said Amazon’s marketing and distribution czar Bob Berney at the studio’s CinemaCon lunch today.

Berney, as well as Lost City Of Z star Charlie Hunnam, spoke about the great lengths director James Gray went to in shooting the film on 35mm in the remote jungles of Colombia.

“It was a little bit Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now,” Berney said to Hunnam, who lost 35 pounds in playing the obsessed explorer.


“A little bit, a little bit,” said the Sons Of Anarchy actor, who regaled how the production went so far off the beaten path into the jungle, where they encountered a torrential rain that triggered a rising river, followed by lightening that struck nearby sending the crew out of the woods.

But that wasn’t the worst part for Hunnam.

On the eve of his day off from filming, he awoke with a beetle burrowed in his ear and, “I said, ‘I’m gonna go MacGyver’,” he rcounted. To slow the beast, Hunnam dumped a Neti pot full of water in his ear and went back to sleep. After waking, the beetle still wasn’t gone. An ambulance was called, and after the non-English-speaking paramedic and the English-speaking hotel receptionist fumbled through Hunnam’s ear with a scope, the actor was shipped to the hospital.

The pic is off to a great start after festival runs with an 87% fresh Rotten Tomatoes score. It opens April 14 from Bleecker Street.

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