Comedy Central Teases “The President Show” For Late Night


Comedy Central today issued “HUUUGE News in Late Night!” announcing The President Show for its slate. In keeping with actual POTUS boasts, there was virtually no detail.

There’s loads of  bravado, however, in today’s announcement, including:

“Late night TV is broken. A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it!@PresidentShow.”

It appears to be the first step to replacing Larry Wilmore on its late-night lineup. Wilmore got the hook in August 2016 and  @Midnight has kept the timeslot warm since, while the Viacom network worked on a new game plan which it said would be unveiled this year.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah paved the way for today’s news, announcing two days earlier on his program that it was launching the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, feature interactive displays celebrating President Donald Trump’s “most important and insane tweets, which are often the same thing,” Noah conceded.

The network today modestly said its new project will be the “#1 show on television, many many millions of viewers. Hosted by @LateNightDonald. Bringing AMERICAN JOBS back to late night.” To which, the network added the rally cry: Make Night Late Again! — MNLA.

Late Night Donald has been a busy bee on Twitter, explaining his plans for the program:

And, as you’d expect, Late Night Donald attacked his daypart competitors:

Late Night Donald made a point of reminding viewers that many U.S. late-night show hosts aren’t even Americans:


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