Paul Ryan: Donald Trump Said He Was Clueless About Judge Jeanine’s Opening Salvo


On Thursday, Paul Ryan told CBS that the president said there was no malicious intent behind his tweet Saturday morning plugging Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on the Fox News Channel later that night.

“He actually was very apologetic about it,” Ryan told Norah O’Donnell in an interview broadcast on CBS This Morning.

By “apologetic,” Ryan clarified, “in that he said, ‘I had no idea that that’s what she was gonna talk about… I thought she was going to talk about something else.’”

“So really that was completely coincidental,” Ryan insisted.

This is a slight departure from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s  insistence Trump had no thought as to what Jeanine Pirro would talk about when he plugged her telecast.

“He’s a fan of the show, plain and simple,” Spicer had said at Monday’s press briefing,  when asked whether Trump owed House Speaker Paul Ryan an apology for plugging Pirro’s Fox News Channel program, in which she demanded Ryan resign over Trumpcare’s flop.

Lending credibility to Spicer’s claim, Pirro had portrayed Trump as a Washington rube who got duped by a far more sophisticated Ryan into embracing his Obamacare replacement strategy.

While describing Trump as the “one man [voters] believed could do it, a compete outsider,” she insisted, “No one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins and outs of Washington and its legislative process.”

Ryan, she said, grabbed Trump by his naiveté and had his way with the former reality-TV star:

“Speaker Ryan, you come in with all your swagger … and you sell him a bill of goods, which ends up a complete and total failure, and allow this president in his first 100 days to come out of the box like that?” she shouted at the camera.

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