Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Motivates Women


After updating viewers on the latest doings of House Intel Committee chief Devin Nunes, Stephen Colbert turned his attention to President Donald Trump’s appearance at Wednesday’s Women’s Empowerment Forum – “the first women’s event he’s attending since sneaking into the dressing room of the Miss USA Pageant.”


“The First Lady also there – lovely lady – presenting awards to brave international women who’ve overcome years of oppression and silent suffering. How could she possibly relate to them?” the Late Show host snarked.

But the keynote speaker was the President of the United States, speaking to women about empowerment, Colbert said. Then Late Show rolled video of Trump speaking at the forum, but they heard the audio from Donald Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood hot-mic boast to Billy Bush about being so famous he could get away with grabbing women “by the p*ssy.”

“That’s the wrong audio Jimmy! Come on! What an unforeseen technical blunder, that our editing department spent an hour making this afternoon,” Colbert joked of the all’s-fair cheap shot at the guy who, during the campaign, had re-tweeted “images worth a thousand words” photos of Melania and Heidi Cruz.

“I am so, so sorry!” Colbert said to viewers while, to his crew, he silently mouthed the words, “Great job! Thank you!”

Colbert then introduced the actual footage/actual audio, in which Trump told attendees: “To be honest, whether you’re a woman or whether you’re a man, you have that same dream. You want to be able to dream. You just have a big advantage over us. You know why? Right there!” Trump said – pointing at his brain, just to be clear.

Replied Colbert, “Yeah, women are just so much smarter than men. I don’t know why we didn’t elect one president.”

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