Donald Trump Tweets First Shot On Trumpcare Vote Day

Donald Trump

Donald Trump tweeted his opening shot at House Freedom Caucus Republicans, who are still holding out on casting a “yes” vote for Trumpcare.

Yesterday’s vote, scheduled to coincide with the 7th anniversary of the signing of Obamacare, got scrubbed when House Speaker Paul Ryan and crew realized they still did not have the numbers, despite Trump having met with the ultra-conservative faction to art-of-the-deal them.

Last night, Team Trump announced the negotiations were over, a last best offer was on the table and, if Trumpcare is not passed, Republicans are stuck with Obamacare and the new president will move on. Political press also reported little birdies had told them Trump would be reluctant, going forward, to work with those who had turned him down. As of this morning, TV news outlets believe 27 in the House are solidly in the No camp and another four are Likely No’s.

Those politicians perhaps saw the new Quinnipiac U. poll that had just 17% of Americans in favor of Trumpcare, with 56% giving it a strong thumbs down. The 46% of voters who said they would be less likely to support their representatives in Washington, should they vote for Trumpcare, may also have given them pause.

Not helping Trumpcare’s chances of passing today, the Congressional Budget Office yesterday afternoon issued its revised estimates on the impact of the revised plan. The new bill saves $150B compared to the original version of Trumpcare, but would still leave 24 million people without insurance over the next decade, the office forecast.

Extra points if you picked Planned Parenthood as Trump’s weapon of choice for Preemptive Blame Game.



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