Seth Meyers Warns Donald Trump To Stop Stealing ‘SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Bits


UPDATED with video: Seth Meyers opened his NBC late night show with a strong message for President Donald Trump:

“I didn’t mind when you talked dirty with Billy Bush, or told Russia to hack Hillary’s emails. But when you start stealing bits from ‘Weekend Update’ anchors – it is on!”

The longtime “Weekend Update” anchor on Saturday Night Live was referencing an interview Trump did Wednesday night with Time magazine, which published Thursday morning with the cover “Is Truth Dead?” In the interview, Trump defended controversial, and often unsubstantiated, statements he has made in the past, insisting, “I tend to be right. I’m an instinctual person, I happen to be a person that knows how life works.”

Among the claims he again made:
– Hundreds of people voted illegally in the presidential race
– Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved in JFK’s assassination
– The Brits surveilled him at Obama’s request

Trump wound up the interview saying, “Hey look, in the meantime, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not,” stealing Chevy Chase’s “Weekend Update” gag.

“Also, I happen to know this isn’t the first time you’ve done this!” Meyers added severely.

“You know I hate to say this, but, ‘Donald – you ignorant slut!'”

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