‘Lucifer’ Season 3 To Be Supersized After 4 Season 2 Episodes Migrate To 2017-18

Michael Courtney/FOX

Fox will bank the final four episodes from the current second season of comic book-inspired drama Lucifer for next season. The decision, made for scheduling reasons, does not impact the size of the recent Season 3 order for Lucifer, which remains for 22 newly produced episodes. I hear the four carryover episodes will be on top of that.

The Lucifer move was foreshadowed by Fox’s summer schedule and premiere dates announcement yesterday, which featured a two-hour So You Think You Can Dance airing on Mondays, starting June 12. Lucifer, which is returning with new episodes on May 1, will air five of its remaining 9 original episodes, with the season finale slated for May 29.

Lucifer‘s companion, Gotham, is returning a week earlier, on April 24. Its 22-episode third season currently runs through June 12. In light of SYTYCD‘s return that night and Lucifer‘s departure on May 29, Fox could use the extra hour on June 5 to wrap Gotham with a two-hour season finale. The network is yet to announce official plans for Gotham or Lucifer‘s season closers.

On Twitter, Lucifer executive producer Joe Henderson indicated that the series will end with a closure in Episode 18. ‏”We designed this season to be an 18 episode arc because we originally were going to be 18 episodes. But then we got 4 more! Surprise!,” he wrote. “So we decided to create four episodes that let us play around a bit. Dig deeper into the character stories, play with format a bit, etc.” The four episodes “stand on their own, but also pick up plots we’ve introduced and bring in new stuff we’ll play with season 3,” Henderson added.

As a 13-episode midseason entry in spring 2016, Lucifer received a 13-episode Season 2 order last May. While the producers may have envisioned a shorter run, in October, Lucifer got a Back 9 order for a full, 22-episode second season.

The series’ producers appear understanding and on board with the scheduling tweak. “Honestly, they love the show, they just didn’t have anywhere to air the extra episodes until the fall,” Henderson said.

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