Samantha Bee To Donald Trump After London Attack: “This Is Not Playtime Now. Sh*t Is Real”


Late-night star James Corden got emotional on Wednesday talking about the attack in London earlier that day.

Samantha Bee got mad.

Back in November, when “millions of people who knew better voted a mercurial dunderheaded real estate agent into the White House,” what helped them sleep at night was Trump’s assurances he knew more about ISIS than the generals did,” Bee said on Wednesday’s Full Frontal, in a two-part segment [see Part 2 video below].

Trump had this great plan for destroying ISIS that he’d rather not tell us about because he wanted to be unpredictable. Eventually, his plan was revealed: he would ask his generals to give him a plan in 30 days to defeat ISIS.

“It’s been 60 days since Trump took office which, in Trump time, is 30 days, because he doesn’t care about math or which way time goes,” Bee snarked.

On March 17, TV news outlets reported the new secret plan from Pentagon to obliterate ISIS. Which, Bee noted, as had others, sounded a lot like Obama’s plan, but intensified – a sort of Obama plan on Red Bull.

“Maybe the generals were too hungry to think of new ideas – is that why you gave them the Meals on Wheels budget?” Bee asked Trump.

Dr. Sebastian Lukacs v. Gorka is the Breitbart panic-blogger turned Trump whisperer, who also is Trump’s White House counter-terrorism expert, though Bee noted, actual counter-terrorism experts might beg to differ.

After running through his credentials for viewers, Bee noted the London-born Gorka moved to Hungary at the impressional age of 22. On Trump’s inauguration day, the Hungarian far-right nationalist movement was “psyched” when Gorka went on Fox News Channel wearing the regalia of Hungarian Order of Vitez, which, Bee said, the State Department lists as a Nazi linked group. “Gorka claims he never swore allegiance to the group, whose members adopted a lowercase ‘v’ as a middle initial,” she added, declaring, “What a coincidence!”

“This is not playtime now,” Bee said, as images from Wednesday’s attack in London played on screen. “Shit is real. And the White House needs real counter-terrorism experts now, not a poor man’ Stewie Griffin, whose extremist nonsense could get people killed, because our president thinks this sounds smart.

She played a clip of Gorka, from October 28, 2015 saying “We find ourselves in a pythonesque Alice in Wonderland, where we’re doing something, but in fact we’re not doing it, where we’re half-pregnant.”

Responded Bee: “To quote Alice in Wonderland: ‘Eat Me’.”

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