ABC News’ Twitter Account Hacked Briefly By Pro-Trump Anti-Rapper Hoaxer

ABC News

ABC News quickly regained control of its Twitter account this morning, but not before hackers praised President Donald Trump as “lord and savior.” Another fake tweet falsely claimed that a famous rapper had died in a bus crash.

“We resolved the issue quickly and errant tweets were deleted,” ABC News’ public relations account tweeted at 8:52 am ET. The Twitter feeds of ABC News, Good Morning America and Good Morning America Pop News were targeted by the hackers.

Two hours prior to the resolution, ABC News PR announced the hacking and assured followers that the issue was being resolved.

One of the “errant tweets” had lied that rapper Tyler the Creator had died in a bus crash. Another tweet claimed, “we are totally russian hackers, but we love @POTUS @realDonaldTrump ;)” and trump is ourĀ “lord and savior”.

During the hack, subsequent comments in the ABC News twitter feed devolved into obscenities and sexist rants. Among the safe-for-work entries was this plug for a competitor:



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