James Corden Debuts ‘Donald, The Musical’ On ‘Late Late Show’

On Late Late Show, Tim Minchin, Ben Platt, Abigail Spencer and James Corden perform a parody of Matilda’s “When I Grow Up”  in new production, Donald, The Musical.

They play the roles of  toddlers Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, respectively, and wonder what running the world will be like as adults:

Trump: “When I grow up
I will be President and build big walls
Ban Muslims, play with Putin’s balls
Grab pussies of the lady grown ups.”

Sean Spicer: “And when I grow up
I’ll be press secretary of this land
And lie about sizes of crowds and hands
Ignore climate change till earth is blown up.”

Steve Bannon: “And when I grow up
I’ll be chief strategist
So I can put my Breitbart fist
Inside my puppet’s inside bits.”

Kellyanne Conway: “And I will wake up
To see tweets he wrote at 4 AM
That I will then have to defend
But I won’t care cause I’ll be all grown up!”

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