Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Tweet Fact-Checked During Hearing About Possible Russian Ties

Seth Meyers

Monday’s hearing, at which FBI director James Comey testified before Congress and confirmed publicly his org is investigating any possible Trump campaign ties to Russia, “is a huge, huge deal,” Late Night host Seth Meyers said on Late Night’s Closer Look. And yet only 60 days into this administration, people hear that news and aren’t so wowed.

“At this point Melania would have to take Trump on a high speed chase in a Ford Bronco for us to say ‘This is unexpected,'” Meyers concluded.

Something along those lines happened during the hearing. While Comey and NSA director Mike Rogers were testifying, President Donald Trump tweeted that the NSA and FBI just told Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process.

So, Comey to get asked – while the hearing still was happening –  to fact-check Trump’s tweet. Comey said Trump’s tweet was not accurate.

“Witnesses in the hearing are now fact-checking the President’s tweets about the hearing during the hearing!” Meyers marveled.

Comey also said during his testimony that he would not reveal any details of the investigation into potential ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia. Anticipating TV-news commentary to follow, Comey noted:  “Some folks may want to make comparisons to past instances where the Department of Justice and the FBI have spoken about the details of some investigations.”

“Yeah, I know at least one person who might,” snarked Meyers, next to photo of Hillary Clinton.

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