Donald Trump Declares Truce With NBCU Long Enough To Appear In Golf Channel’s Jack Nicklaus Special

Associated Press

President Donald Trump, who last week called NBCU’s flagship broadcast network “despicable,” is burying the hatchet with his former bosses long enough to participate in Golf Channel’s Jack. The three-night special about Jack Nicklaus premieres at 9 PM Sunday, April 9, on NBCU’s Golf Channel, following the Masters.

“People like Jack, they have a desire to win,” Trump says in the special. “They never give up, they never quit. He’s a man that’s led a truly exemplary life; his family, his work ethic, his championship status. He’s a very exceptional man.”

Asked how it feels to be praised by Trump and how well he knows the president, Nicklaus said at NBCU’s Summer Press Day, “I played just one hole with Donald” at the 2015 opening of Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx. With its Nicklaus-signature course, the complex was reported at the time to be the country’s most expensive municipal golf course ever built.

“I have known Donald for a long time, through the game of golf. He’s been very supportive of a lot of things I have done,” Nicklaus said. “I think he’s going to be good in the office, going to do a good job.

“But, I’m very supportive of all our presidents,” Nicklaus added.

Last week, Trump talked to FNC’s Tucker Carlson about coverage of his claims he was wiretapped by President Obama during the campaign. Of NBC, he said: “I made a fortune for NBC with The Apprentice. I had a top show where they were doing horribly, and I had one of the most successful reality shows of all time. I made — and I was on 14 seasons. And you see what happened when I’m not on? … You saw what happened to the show was a disaster. … I was very good to NBC, and I — they are despicable.”

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