‘The Carmichael Show’ Will Air Racial Slur Unedited On NBC Because “The N-Word” Is “Childish”

The Carmichael Show

UPDATED with additional information: Jerrod Carmichael says that for an upcoming episode of his edgy NBC series The Carmichael Show, the racial slur “nigger” will be heard about six times.

“‘N-word’ is childish.. say it!” Carmichael said of the decision. “We know what we’re talk about; we’re not speaking to children.” For an episode of his comedy series that deals with the use of the actual word, not the cutsey euphemism, Carmichael says it’s heard on screen “like six times.”

The episode will run with a parental advisory, in its regular 9 PM ET Wednesday timeslot. The use of the word is not unprecedented – see All in the Family. But that aired “before political correctness,” Carmichael cast member Loretta Devine said at NBCU Summer Press Day, confessing she had not thought the episode would ever actually air in 2017.

NBC similarly was concerned about how many times the word “rape” was spoken in an episode on date rape. “I think I counted 21 or 22; they wanted to get it down,” Carmichael said at NBCU Summer Press Day.

Carmichael similarly argued that nobody says “sexual assault” in conversations on the topic.

Asked why he thought NBC had a number, over which it was not OK, Carmichael speculated that with a lower “rape” word count, “you can move more Charmin.”

The Carmichael Show, based on his stand-up comedy, is back for its third season May 31.

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