Donald Trump Calls Tax Returns “Sacred”, MSNBC “Bad People” & Vladimir Putin “Tough Cookie”

Fox News Channel

President Donald Trump promised “the biggest tax cuts since Reagan,” insisted his own tax returns are “good,” and blasted MSNBC as “bad people.” All in all, a standard, if smiley, interview on Fox News Channel tonight.

“I’ve always heard a tax return was a sacred kind of thing,” Trump told Jesse Watters, the Fox News’ Watters’ World host who landed the exclusive pre-taped interview prior to Trump’s Nashville rally Wednesday.

Asked to respond to Rachel Maddow’s reveal of a portion of his 2005 tax returns, Trump said, “They’re bad people, there’s something wrong with them.” He added, “All of my tax returns are good.” Watters didn’t ask for proof.

On the subject of funny-haired Rand Paul, Trump said, “I like him. He’s become a friend of mine. It’s hard to believe I ridiculed him.”

Fox News had already released a snippet of the interview – the best bit, it turns out, in which Trump said he’d fire Alec Baldwin over Chuck Schumer and Jeff Zucker. “I think the Alec Baldwin situation is not good,” the president said.

A few other responses, condensed:

Barack Obama? “Very nice to me personally but his people haven’t been nice.”

The Wall? “Some great designs coming in.”

Kellyanne Conway: “Very nice woman.”

Hillary Clinton: “Disappointed.”

Vladimir Putin: “I don’t know him but certainly he is a tough cookie.”

Elizabeth Warren: “Craziness and anger. Pocahontas would not be proud of her.”

Bill O’Reilly: “Don’t kid yourself, he’s a talented guy.”

Jesse Watters: “Tremendous future, tremendous potential…And honestly you’ve been so nice to me that this is why I turned down the biggest shows on television and here I am, Watters’ World.


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