Chris Matthews: Donald Trump Beating Alec Baldwin At Presidential Parody

Associated Press

UPDATED with video:Alec Baldwin has a competitor!” Chris Matthews announced Friday night on MSNBC’s Hardball.

“We saw him today in the White House East Room…doing a better job of playing Trump at his most ridiculous, than the actor himself can.”

Trump proved he can out-do anything Saturday Night Live can come up with, Matthews said.

Heading into the news conference with German Chancellor Angela Markel, Trump had talked himself into a corner with a story so provably untrue about being wiretapped by former President Obama, that it was just a matter of time before Trump would have to apologize, which was not going to happen. Instead, he chose to “let the world see him caught in an untruth even his clique of allies won’t defend,” Matthews scolded.

The veteran journalist acknowledged he had looked forward to today’s presser with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “to see how he might try to escape the dishonesty of his own words.”

Trump did not disappoint.

“When a clear-spoken, focused German reporter asked him to defend what he had said about Obama tapping his phones at Trump Tower…he simply did not answer her,” Matthews noted. “When a second German reporter asked about his cover-up claim that President Obama had gotten British intelligence to plant that wiretap on him, Trump said his White House was only quoting somebody he’d heard on Fox [News].”


Matthews called Trump’s behavior at today’s news conference the clearest possible communication by an American president that he’s willing to make up a story about his predecessor, then make up a story about another country, all for the purpose of getting himself out of a corner he didn’t like being stuck in.”

“Why, with the world in all its seriousness and complexity, with North Korea in the hands of a murderous child, with countries that have come to count on us learning now that they can’t, does this president choose to live in a world of Mar-a-Lago tweets, golf, and the company of a family he traipses around with him like the Romanovs.”

Matthews suggested Trump “quit the comedy” and “live in the White House, accept the duties, the focus, and the seriousness your country needs.”

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