Yahoo Opts Out Of A Big Newfront Presentation As It Awaits Sale


Scratch Yahoo from the list of companies that will stage a splashy presentation for advertisers in New York during this year’s NewFront season.

For the second consecutive year, it will hold what Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Utzschneider describes in a blog post today as “a series of localized events across the country to discuss the massive and transformational growth of video advertising in more intimate settings with our agency and brand partners.”

The company used to offer one of the most extravagant presentations among the digital video companies hoping to attract ad dollars. That changed last year as Yahoo’s board weighed buyout offers. Now it’s waiting to close its $4.48 billion asset sale to Verizon, which the companies expect to see by the end of June.

Utzschneider says that Yahoo can tell an upbeat story in the midst of all this change.

“Our consumers want choice and flawless access to exceptional video content across screens, so naturally we’re offering our advertisers the same,” she says.

Yahoo has “doubled down on short form and live video” in key categories including news, finance, sports, and style & beauty. That plus the intense audience interest in last year’s presidential election contributed to “an 85% lift in time spent watching video across our properties,” she says.

Video inventory across Yahoo’s properties increased 29% while time spent viewing video ads was up 42%.

The company also “opened up new ways for advertisers to make programmatic video and native video advertising central to their strategies,” she says.

In 2017, she adds, “you will see a shift to more custom integrations and campaigns, going well beyond your standard video advertising packages.”

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