Jesse Watters To Interview Donald Trump For Fox News Channel’s ‘Watters World’

Twitter; Rex/Shutterstock

Three days after President Donald Trump’s sit-down with Fox News Channel’s primetime star Tucker Carlson, he’ll appear on the network’s Watters World.

Jesse Watters will be tape the interview tomorrow, ahead of Trump’s rally in Nashville. Trump will discuss the economy, tax reform, his policy on immigration, and Trumpcare, though Trump, uncharacteristically, has not wanted to put his name on the high-profile project, perhaps because the CBO forecast it will result in 14 million people losing their health care insurance next year, and about 24 million within a decade.

It’s Trump’s first interview with Watters as POTUS, but not their first sit-down; Bill O’Reilly’s protege first interviewed candidate Trump on the campaign trail, in February of 2016. Back then, the two men talked about Melania, breakfast cereal, the square-footage downgrade of the White House versus Mar a Lago, etc.

Here’s how that interview went:


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