Kremlin Says Putin CNN Documentary Is “Hysterical” & “Often Complete Fiction”

The Kremlin has slammed CNN’s recent documentary on Russian president Vladimir Putin as “hysterical” and “odious,” likening it to “complete fiction.”

Putin was the subject of Fareed Zakaria’s docu The Most Powerful Man In The World, which aired Monday night. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told news agency RIA Novosti that it was an “emotional report” that wasn’t supported by facts or substance.

“Vladimir [Putin] has not seen the film as it came out overnight,” he told RIA Novosti. “We’ve read summaries/accounts in the press and everything was as expected. This is the latest hysterical, emotional report based on views that are not backed by substance, views that are often complete fiction.”

Peskov added: “It’s odious material that offers nothing new.”

The Kremlin spokesman, who had previously spoken out against the documentary and that he expected it to be a biased account, was one of the people interviewed in Zakaria’s film. He said the administration tried to express its point of view, which was somewhat reflected in the film.

In The Most Powerful Man In The World, Zakaria, who has previously met with the Russian leader, attempts to examine how Putin has risen to create what he calls a “vertical of power” in a post-Stalin and post-Soviet Union world.

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