Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ Becomes The Fastest Blumhouse Title To Hit $100M

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s Get Out will become the fastest Blumhouse title to cross the $100 million mark, hitting the target in 16 days and beating Split (19 days), Paranormal Activity 3 (23 days) and Paranormal Activity (50 days).

The Universal release, which cost only an estimated $4.5M before P&A, crosses the mark tonight, and by tomorrow will have accumulated $111M.

As a horror movie, Get Out is truly an exception. Most genre films drop in the second weekend by at least 60% and are front-loaded. But Get Out continues to impress with only slight dips. Last weekend, the movie eased a jawdropping 15% for $28M (the best hold for a horror film since Dracula 2000), and this weekend Get Out is set to pull in $21M, just 24% down. In these diving Trump times, many rival distributors observe that Get Out hits a nerve with the audience, and that’s why audiences keep coming back (even though Peele, who wrote, doesn’t appear in the hysterical movie).

Get Out tells the story of Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) an African American young man who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) family (Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener) for the first time. But they’re not normal people, and Chris needs to Get Out of their house.

Peele initially moved forward with the movie when he pitched it to QC Entertainment’s Sean McKittrick. Edward H. Hamm is also a producer.

At the Sundance Film Festival where Get Out was the secret screening, Peele shared his inspirations for the film: “We had this black president and we’re living in this post-racial lie. This whole idea that we’ve passed it all. For me, and many black people out there, there’s racism. I experience it on an everyday basis. This movie was meant to reveal that there’s the monster of racism lurking underneath these seemingly innocent conversations and situations. It’s been fascinating watching the last few years develop, because now the movie is coming out in a very different America from where it began. I think it’s more important now, and far more interesting now. I respect Universal for having the f*cking balls leaning into this kind of sh*t.”

Peele produced the movie through his Monkeypaw Productions. The pic begins its overseas rollout on March 17. Get Out earned an A- CinemaScore –a very rare feat for a horror film– with critics embracing it with a 99% certified fresh Rotten Tomatoes score.


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